OneClickdigital – Software Download

Before creating your OneClickdigital account, please check to make sure that your device will be able to download materials.  Please remember that, depending on your device,  downloading software and titles may incur data usage fees.  Click on “Getting Started” on the right side and then click on “Devices” to ensure your device will work with OneClickdigital.  Clicking on the image below will take you to the Device Compatibility page.

OCD_DevicesAfter checking the compatibility of your device with OneClickdigital, click on “User Tutorials” and follow the instructions to download the appropriate software for your device.  The software required will depend on whether you wish to read eBooks or listen to audiobooks.  Click on the image below to go to the “User Tutorials” page.


At the bottom of the “User Tutorials” page is information on how to create an Adobe ID and download software.  You will need to complete these two steps before checking out materials.  They also have tabs for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), Support, and Help which may be useful.  To learn more about checking out materials, click here.

Below is the home page for OneClickdigital which now offers both eBooks and audiobooks.  First time users must create an account to access downloadable books.  If you have already created an account and log in for Zinio (digital magazines) or IndieFlix (films), it will work for OneClickdigital.  Click on the image below to create your user account.

OCD_HomepageIf you have any questions, please call the library at (203) 261-0134.